Save money with Linux

Computer getting a bit past it? Thinking of spending a few hundred quid on a new one?

Linux operating system (a free alternative to those of Apple and Microsoft) has long been regarded as a complicated piece of software requiring a geeky knowledge of inputting complex code. However, Linux has developed considerably over the past couple of years – to the point it is as easy to install as Windows or Apple OSX. It can regularly be found on Linux magazine cover CDs/DVDs or downloaded online.

Linux is “open source” and so there is no licence fee to pay – though voluntary donations are always welcome. It will run on PC or Mac and there should be no need to install (and get slowed down by) antivirus or other malware programs. There are many hundreds of superb software programs written for Linux by people from all across the globe – office programs, graphics, games – available free of charge.

Although some lighter versions of Linux will run on computers going back at least as far as x386 processor machines, most PCs up to five years old or less can run modern Linux “distros” (bundles of useful software lumped together with the actual Linux operating system). “Ubunu” is currently the most popular Linux distro.

Linux is at least as “plug and play” as Windows or OSX these days. And its easy to open most documents created in Linux programs on other platforms, such as Mac and Windows.

North West Sheffield News Online exclusively uses the Ubuntu version of Linux – almost universally agreed as being the best – on new Sony Vaio and older Gateway PCs.

Save money and enjoy computing again with Linux!


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