Healthy, no doubt

A free Quit Kit has already helped more than 37,000 smokers across Yorkshire & Humberside with their efforts to give up puffing.

Launched by the NHS on Boxing Day, an average of more than 750 requests every day were received. The kits contain calming audio downloads, a stress toy and a tool to help smokers work out how much money they are saving by quitting.

The Quit Kit’s contents are scientifically proven to help reduce cravings or have been developed in response to smokers’ needs.

Quit Kits can be ordered by visiting the NHS website at or through calling the NHS Smoking Helpline on 0800 0 665 826.

“The uptake of Quit Kits across Yorkshire and the Humber is hugely encouraging,” said Regional Tobacco Policy Manager Patricia Hodgson. “Research shows that people are ordering kits because they genuinely want to stop smoking, and the fact they are taking initiative and showing an interest in what the kit has to offer bodes extremely well.

“We hope the demand continues, and that we can transform those initial requests for help into successful quits in the weeks and months ahead.”


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