Police visit

South Yorkshire Police focused a “week of action” in the Stannington area from 8th – 14th of February.

Extra patrols were arranged, a mobile police station positioned on Stannington Road, and questionnaires conducted in the area. This past week of action included high visibility patrols as well as officers on horseback and mountain bike.

South Yorkshire Police said the initiative was a success.

On the 11th of February we conducted four person searches in the Stannington area as a part of the week of action due to their behaviour. These people were advised.

On the 8th of February we stopped five people in the Stannington acting in an antisocial manner. They were advised about their behaviour.

On the 11th of February we took the details of four youths seen to be causing antisocial behaviour on Deer Park Road. These details will be used to send letters home to their guardians.

On the 8th of February we stopped six youths on Deer Park View. Their details were taken and letters sent home to their guardians.

Details of Partners & Communities Together meetings in February – where community concerns can be discussed with police Safer Neighbourhood Teams in various North West Sheffield venues – are detailed here.


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