Who We Are – Rachel Veitch-Straw

Rachel Veitch-Straw works as an Extended Services Manager in a Sheffield Social Enterprise specialising in linking Community and Schools. She’s in her thirties and lives in Stannington.

What do you like most about your job?
The variety. A lot of the work I do entails project management – currently I am working on a Music Café event, conference presentations, developing after school activities in the NW area, linking with local forums, work with a project called Building On Ambitions Together (The BOAT), an ongoing anti-gang project with Just Another Dance event, developing training….and more!

Best/Worst day?
Best day – when everything runs like clockwork

Worst – if I have to deal with negative people

Who is or was the most important influence in your life?
This seems to have changed according to which stage of life I’ve been at – Always my family, but also, for instance, two teachers in Primary School, the conductor of the Youth Brass Band, the Managing Director of the company where I worked in my twenties, my husband, his Mum, and others – I’ve been lucky in that respect.

Favourite gadget?
New Blackberry Storm!

Favourite media?
Books! (Real paper ones!)

Current or recent film you’d most like to see?
Sherlock Holmes

What music you listening to right now?
Killers = Human – v cheerful, though I’m not sure I understand the lyrics!

What makes you smile?

What would you most like to put right in this world?
I’d like to make available positive opportunities for ALL kids, give them a chance of the kind if childhood I was lucky enough to have.

How do you see yourself in 10 years?


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