Sweet nostalgia

Granelli’s ice cream and sweet shop is tucked away on Sheffield’s Broad Street, towards the North edge of the city centre, and has been run by the same family for over 135 years.

Rosita Granelli-Hunt carries on the family tradition of selling Soor Plooms, Kola Cubes, Peanut Brittle, Yorkshire Mix – and many more sweets that over-40s may remember from their childhoods. And trade is brisk, perhaps as customers give themselves a nostalgic treat in these financially austere times.

Welcoming smile from owner Rosita Granelli-Hunt

Despite this sweet shop not even being wired to the world-wide-web, or indeed 21st Century, local radio and newspaper media are always knocking on the door. Hardly surprising given Granelli’s has everything to fuel nostalgia for a more innocent, bygone age – from multi-coloured candies to traditional scales to old-fashioned paper sweet bags.

Granelli’s is near Park Square roundabout, on Broad Street, and is open 10am to 7pm Monday to Saturday and 11am to 7pm on Sundays.

TOP TIP: Peanut Brittle is delicious when washed down with freshly ground black filter coffee!


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