Less taxing time ahead

Liberal Democrats on Sheffield City Council announced today their intent to set the lowest council tax increase that Sheffield has ever seen.

The planned 1.5% increase is well below inflation and would be the lowest increase on record for the second year running under the Lib Dems. In the past Sheffield had seen Council Tax increases as high as 10% with Labour in control of the Council.

The budget for next year includes £2 million for new free fortnightly recycling collections. They will begin for every household in Sheffield during this year for plastic bottles, tin cans and glass as well as free monthly collections for garden waste too. Also over £3 million is being invested to help local business and local people back into work.

The Council claims it has made savings in this coming budget, including cutting the numbers of senior managers.

Cllr Paul Scriven, Leader of Sheffield City Council said: “By finding ways to keep costs down and doing things more efficiently, we have been able to recommend the lowest council tax increase ever for Sheffield, whilst at the same time delivering on local people’s priorities. Sheffielders will be able to do more recycling at home because of the new kerbside recycling for plastics, glass and tins we’re introducing over the course of this year, and we’re also putting more investment into helping people get back to work and providing a boost for local businesses, which is much needed because of the recession.”


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