Lib-Dems rally against rent rise

Sheffield’s Liberal Democrats are enraged at the city’s Labour Councillors, who voted against asking the Government to reduce proposed rent hikes for council tenants in 2010/11, worth an average of over £100 a year extra.

Recent meetings between Sheffield councillors and Labour Minster for Housing, John Healey MP, revealed that next year’s planned increases were decided by him. In a letter confirming this policy, the Minister notes rent rises as ‘reasonable and affordable’.

At last week’s meeting of Sheffield City Council the Lib Dems labelled the 3.6% rent increase as ‘unreasonable and unaffordable’ and successfully proposed writing to the Minister to ask him to lower the proposed rent levels.

Cllr Bob McCann, Liberal Democrat Cabinet member for Housing, said:

“It beggars belief that Labour Government ministers think that slamming tenants with a £100 rent bombshell is “reasonable and affordable”. It might well be for someone on their salaries, but it isn’t for most council tenants in Sheffield. I’m shocked that Sheffield’s Labour councillors, some of whom represent council tenants, are bnext year wasacking their own Government on this.”


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