Unique ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

“Unique Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day” is a guest post that our friend in the US Chelle Stein kindly agreed to write for NWS News Online. She is creator of It Might Be Love, a site dedicated to all things love, romance, and relationships.

Is it really nearly Valentine’s Day again already? So many times it seems like we do the same things every year for Valentine’s Day. Chocolates, flowers, sweet love poems, a dinner out at your favorite romantic restaurant – while they are all nice, they tend to lose a lot of the magic and romance they once had after awhile. With life being as busy and crazy as it is, it’s even more important this year than ever to do something different and refreshing.

Whether you are happily in love or single, here are some creative ideas for things to do on a day dedicated to romance:

Celebrate With Music: Whether you play your favorite songs and slow dance in your living room or check out shows at your local venues, you can’t go wrong with music.

Host a Party: Hosting a party is a great way to include all of your family and friends. Serve up your favorite foods and drinks, play pin the arrow on the cupid, or just use the time to catch up with everyone.

Go on a Photo Shoot: If you have a camera, why not go out and try to capture the essence of romance on film? There are all kinds of great places to visit where you can find anything from Valentine decorations to photographing couples holding hands.

Visit a Garden: Botanical gardens are always a nice thing to visit in the winter months, and there is something very romantic about being surrounded by flowers and plants.

Browse a Museum: Many museums feature romantic things, whether it be artwork or historical information on famous couples. It’s a great laid back way to not only spend time with someone you care about, but also learn a little too.

Wildlife Centre: If you’re a Rocky movie fan, then you know that the zoo is where Rocky proposed to his wife. If being amongst wildlife is suitable for a marriage proposal, then it’s certainly a good place to visit for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the usual routine. With a little creativity, you’d be surprised at what other great alternatives to dinner and a box of chocolates there can be! And if you’re panic stricken that you forgot about Valentine’s Day completely, don’t worry, I have a bunch of great last minute Valentine Gifts that can work for anyone, even if you only have 5 minutes to spare.

Some other options for the couple of days around Valentine’s Day in Sheffield:

  • Top Sheffield comedienne Madame Zucchini stars at Walkley Community Centre this Friday February 12th, 8pm onwards, S6, £6 on the door, £5 if you bring a rude vegetable (you can reserve tickets on 0772 4655527)
  • St. Valentine’s Day Marriage Celebration at Christ Church in Stannington – 3.30pm on 14th Februarywith a short service and light refreshments (phone 232 4490)
  • Valentines Ball, Social dancing, spot prizes, and fish and chip supper, Newton Hall, Chapeltown. Sunday, February 14th, 7pm-10.30pm (£7 pp in advance, Barry, 01226 291023).
  • Valentine’s Fashion Show, organised by Moor Sheffield in support of Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity, Plug, Matilda Street, Wednesday, February 24th (Yes, a bit late!!!), 7pm-10pm (£10, 2490290/ 2665370).
  • Cuban Salsa classes for beginners and improvers, Walkley Community Centre, Fir Street, Walkley, Thursdays, beginners, 8pm-9pm (£20, five classes); Intermediate Course, 7pm-8pm (£40 for 10 classes, salsacubanasheffield@yahoo.co.uk , 0793 27161 73).

What’s your favorite unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


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