Reduced bus services rattle local MP

Further changes to North Sheffield’s bus timetables have provoked a call for re-regulation.

Angela Smith MP

Sheffield Hillsborough MP Angela Smith wrote this week to the South Yorkshire Transport Authority to express her extreme disappointment at yet more changes to bus services in the north of the city.

The changes, which came in to effect on Sunday, mean that some areas will not have a bus service in the evening. In other areas, because the service is to be split between operators, tickets will not be valid on all the buses on the route, meaning extra costs for many users.

Commenting on the changes, Angela, said:

“Like many of my constituents I am fed up to the back teeth of these constant changes. Some of these services were only recently put in place and yet we find them being withdrawn or altered. I don’t believe it is acceptable and nor do my constituents. I have written to SYPTE in no uncertain terms to let them know my constituents’ frustrations.

“We need Sheffield council to make use of the new powers to re-regulate bus services as quickly as possible…


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