No more smashing nights out

Safer visits to the pub look to be on the way.

Two revolutionary prototype pint glasses designed to reduce the terrible injuries caused by nearly 87,000 glass attacks each year were unveiled at the Design Council today by the Home Secretary Alan Johnson.

The safer pint glasses, designed not to shatter into loose and dangerous shards, have been produced under the Design Out Crime programme, an initiative from the Home Office’s Design & Technology Alliance Against Crime and the Design Council.

The revolutionary prototypes – world-firsts that feature new high-tech ways of using glass – will now undergo a range of intensive tests before they are ready to be piloted in pubs and bars.

Although alcohol related violence has fallen by 33 per cent since 1997 there remain 87,000 violent incidents involving glass each year, which in addition to the impact on victims, their families and communities, costs the NHS an estimated £2.7 billion each year. In total alcohol related violence is estimated to cost the UK between £8 billion and £13 billion a year.


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