Green city gets better

Sheffield, with its impressive spread of communal parks and green spaces, is renowned as perhaps the greenest city in the UK. And this happy situation is set to improve.

Local people have played a key role in shaping the way Sheffield’s popular parks and countryside will be managed over the next 20 years.

Extensive consultation has been carried out during the last two years with individuals, businesses and organisations across the city to get their comments on how the city’s green and open spaces should be managed.

The Council says it will give a commitment to deliver environmental benefits and raise the quality of green and open spaces throughout the city. This will include the parks and formal gardens, natural spaces, countryside, woodlands, allotments, recreation and play spaces.

Detailed two year action plans will be developed with key partners and the Community Assemblies will help to identify and support local priorities so that resources may be planned more effectively.

There will be defined quality standards for partners to work towards and 23 play areas across the city will be installed or up-graded to provide innovative play spaces for young people.

The priorities outlined in the Strategy included the need to improve the general quality of the smaller, local community parks, amenity spaces and natural green spaces. It will result in an even ‘greener’ Sheffield contributing on a regional scale to the management of climate change and conservation of biodiversity.

It also highlights the need to improve the quality and provision of play areas for children and young people and the availability of allotments in the city.

Some areas of concern also need to be addressed, such as community safety and anti-social behaviour as well as assuring the areas are well maintained, cleaned and repaired.

‘Sheffield’s Great Outdoors’ is set to be formally adopted by the City Council’s Cabinet next Wednesday (10 February).

Copies of the Strategy will be available to view at the Sheffield Town Hall, libraries, First Points and housing offices or by visiting from Thursday 11 February.


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