Rationing energy use this Winter?

Gas and electricity prices have rocketed over these past 18 months.

Despite periods of bitter cold recently, energy supplier Scottish and Southern Energy saw a year-on-year drop in household energy consumption between 1st October 2009 and 31st January 2010, suggesting that customers turned their heating down during the cold snap.

But despite this evidence of consumers self-rationing their energy, Britain’s big six energy suppliers are remaining tight-lipped about the prospect of cutting prices:

  • Bitter weather should have pushed up household usage, but Scottish and Southern Energy reports a year-on-year 5% drop in gas consumption and a 4% drop in electricity consumption per customer between 1st October 2009 and 31st January 2010 – consumers could be self-rationing because of concerns over the cost of energy
  • Scottish and Southern Energy’s half year profits were up 36% from £302.6m in September 2008 to £410.5m in September 2009
  • Suppliers increased prices by 42% or £381 in 2008 and cut by 4% or £54 last year
  • Average household bill now £1,239 a year – £327 or 36% more than at the beginning of 2008 despite last year’s price cuts

Most energy companies offer discounts if bills are settled promptly or paid by direct debit. With scare stories in today’s mainstream media about future fuel shortages resulting in even higher bills, it’s probably a good idea to shop around and compare different suppliers’ prices.

There’s also a post about home insulation schemes here.


One response to “Rationing energy use this Winter?

  1. Run by The South Yorkshire Energy Centre at Heeley City farm, the Family fuel buster project aims to help families who are living in cold damp homes and struggling to pay fuel bills by giving practical help and advice on energy efficiency and grants which may be available for improving insulation.

    In February half term there will be activity days, with fun stuff for kids and information for parents

    Family Fuel Busters Fun Days
    February half Term
    17th-20st Feb 2010

    Free activity sessions for families. Come to the Energy House and take part in environmental activities, have a go on the human power station, play energy centre bingo, follow the Energy House trail, make badges and design posters.

    The Family Fuel Buster project aims to help people who are struggling to keep their homes warm and pay their bills. SYEC Staff can give advice on insulation, energy saving and help to access grants and free insulation schemes.

    The Energy House at Heeley City Farm
    25 Alexandra Road
    S2 3EE

    Contact Vicky Moore

    0114 3039981 extn 2

    The South Yorkshire Energy Centre is and eco refurbished terraced house on the site of heeley city farm. It is a visitor display centre and staff can give advice on Renewable energy, sustainable building and energy efficiency. Free entry- open Wed- Sat 11am-3pm

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