Tree planting at Stannington Park

Folks in Stannington can finally start digging next week after our recent snowy weather delayed their planned tree planting.

Volunteers from Action for Stannington will help plant two heavy standard biloba trees that they asked for in Stannington Park on Monday (8th February) alongside the City Council’s Parks and Countryside Community Foresters and Rangers.

This winter over 800 heavy standard trees will be planted across Sheffield and the trees in Stannington Park will replace some self-established trees that were removed after they took root along the railings next to the car park.

Danny Piermattei of Action for Stannington said: “This is an example of great partnership work, with the Council’s Parks and Countryside Service providing the resources and the volunteers ensuring the regular presence in Stannington Park. More joint work is planned for 2010 to allow residents and visitors to enjoy the local parks, as well as contributing towards the reduction of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through tree planting. As local residents and volunteers, we are very supportive of this approach from Sheffield City Council.”

The Council’s Parks and Countryside Service received around 400 suggestions for tree planting locations this year and most are already planted or in hand.This is the second year of major tree planting by the community foresters and probably the greatest ever urban planting scheme in the city since the Victorian times. It represents a major boost to the environment and an essential contribution to renewing the city’s declining urban forest.

The planting will be carried out in partnership with schools, the local voluntary and commercial sectors and community groups. As many people as possible will be involved to help deliver and take ownership of this project, getting involved at every stage, from planning through to the actual planting.


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