Upperthorpe parking permit consultation coming to a close

Ideas for a permit parking scheme covering the Upperthorpe area will be on display for the last time on Thursday 3rd February in the Healthy Living Centre (Upperthorpe Library).

There will be a suggestion box available between 9.00am and 5.00pm for final comments on the consultation results and a subsequent presentation of ideas.

Sheffield City Council has put in place several such schemes around the city already, including, amongst others, those in Broomhall, Broomhill, Crookesmoor and Hillsborough.

Any scheme introduced will be designed to provide a mixture of different types of parking.   Permit parking bays are provided for residents, visitors and business users who have a valid permit for their vehicle.

The introduction of a permit parking scheme could have several benefits including:

  • A better chance for residents and businesses to park near their property
  • Fewer motorists entering the area in search of parking spaces
  • Reduced air and noise pollution
  • Fewer blocked driveways

Improved access for emergency and community transport vehicles

Schemes of this sort can have drawbacks and knock on effects:

  • A parking space is not guaranteed to permit holders
  • Some parking space may be lost if we apply yellow lines to make junctions safer
  • parked cars can be displaced to surrounding areas

You may be familiar with the issue of the displacement of parked cars from the two schemes already in place. If so you may feel a scheme in your street could be of benefit. The more coverage by schemes of this sort, the fewer areas will be left where displacement can occur.

More details are here and individual enquirers can call Mark Higginbotham on 0114 273 5031 or email him at mark.higginbotham@sheffield.gov.uk.


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