NWSheffield News Online now advising at free Social Media Surgery

North West Sheffield News Online is proud to have been asked to join a pool of advisers who provide social media advice free to voluntary sector and community groups in regular monthly sessions held at The Showroom.

Wednesday 3rd February is the first session of 2010 and this should be repeated on the first Wednesday of each subsequent month running between 4.30 and 6.30pm.

The idea is for practitioners to share their expertise and experience with those seeking to use social media to reach potential and existing service users more effectively.

Whether its how best to use blogs, Twitter or Facebook to promote a cause effectively, one-to-one sessions (and enquirers can bring a friend) of 20 – 45 minutes are available free of charge.

Order tickets via Eventbrite:
Local voluntary and community sector workers are invited to this free social media advice session. You’ll get practical hands-on advice for putting social technology into action for your cause, to help you reach a wider audience and promote the good work you do.

Whether it’s getting started sharing your group’s stories and aims through blogging, forming a community around a Facebook group, or reaching out and engaging new supporters and service users through Twitter, our volunteer advisors will be on-hand with suggestions on how to effectively use social media to promote an important cause.

Who should come?
– People and organisations who work in or with charity, voluntary, community or neighbourhood groups. Education or local government sector workers are also welcome.
– You may be responsible for promoting your group or reaching wider audience.
– You may have responsibility for your marketing or ICT strategy.
– Or maybe you want to get up to speed on how best to use technology to reach out and engage with your service users and funders.

What happens at the advice sessions?
– You get to sit down and talk one-to-one with someone who will listen to what you need and explain things clearly. Individual sessions typically last from 20 to 45 minutes.
– We’ll cover any specific questions if you have them, or can give you a general introduction.
– You can look at some of the different free websites and services that you may find helpful, and see what similar groups are doing.
Based on what you want to achieve, we’ll advise some steps you can take to get the ball rolling.
– You may even be able to set up a free website or service there and then.

Social Media? Twitter? Blogging? I don’t understand!
That’s absolutely fine. No previous knowledge is needed to take part, and actually, that’s probably all the more reason to come!
Our volunteers talk in plain terms. We’ll avoid the jargon to help you get your get your head round what all the fuss is about and why it could be useful for you.

I’d like to help out.
We could always do with new volunteers. If you’d like to share your experience and learnings and give local community groups advice about how to use social media for social good, please select an Advisor ticket type.

Sounds great, but I can’t make it this month.
Don’t worry. We plan to hold regular and frequent advice sessions which will continue to be free for voluntary and community groups. Keep an eye out on http://thegistfoundation.eventbrite.com to find out when the next advice session is.


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