Whaur’s ma haggis?

Monday’s Burns Night will by now be a hazy memory for its celebrants, but what about those converts who acquired a taste for the haggis?

Locating sources of quality haggis is never easy, certainly outside of Scotland.

So it’s good news that local family farm Our Cow Molly now stocks both meat and vegetarian varieties of haggis in their farm shop – just off the B6076 road, which runs between Stannington and Bradfield.

And their haggis is made by world-renowned Macsween, based in Edinburgh for over 50 years and famous for being the first haggis ever stocked by Harrods (when that store was still regarded as a classy place to shop).

Whether Our Cow Molly been asked to make a haggis-flavoured ice cream yet is, however, unclear. But whisky flavour is no problem.

Visitors to the farm can also see three new born Calves, Tommy the goat, donkeys and witness milking at 4pm. So a pleasant couple of hours to be had into the bargain.

LATE NEWS ….. Our Cow Molly confirmed later to NWS News Online that two batched of haggis-flavoured ice cream were indeed requested (and supplied). “Och, that’s braw!” – as we might say.


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