Internet disconnection threat to communities and individuals

Local community groups, internet cafes, pubs with free wifi, private citizens connected to the internet, and many more of us all face potential disconnection and fines under draconian legislation currently passing through the House of Lords.

Open Rights Group is campaigning to protect those of us who:

  • Have an internet connection in our own name, or
  • Use or offer public internet access, or
  • Depend on copyright for our income

Basically, the current proposal is a “three strikes and you’re out” model where fines and disconnection are penalties that can be applied if net users – or other people accessing a subscriber’s internet connection – are accused (even before being proven guilty) of downloading or file-sharing items that some say they shouldn’t. Currently the music and film industries are relentlessly lobbying the UK Parliament and governments elsewhere to pass this and similar proposed laws.

However, the implications of such legislation passing successfully will have a much wider effect when access to the digital economy actually shrinks as more of us fear breaking these new laws that are, ironically, being pushed in the name of the “Digital Economy Bill”.

Although the Digital Economy Bill later goes to the House of Commons for a final vote, it is now, while it remains under scrutiny in the Lords, that registering opposition can be most effective.

  • Educate and equip yourself by exploring the issues further at the Open Rights Group site
  • Write to your MP to ask questions based around your own concerns and how you fear the new law may affect you, your kid’s school, your workplace, your local community, etc, etc …
  • Write to national and local press and phone in to talk radio shows about this
  • Copy and email this news article to colleagues or friends who you think may possibly be affected in any way

This will not go away unless we work both together and individually to make it disappear! Our world will become very different if this law passes successfully in its current form.

Open Rights Group is there to advise and help us all to save ourselves.

  • Remember, where good people do nothing, evil will prosper.

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