Stannington blaze death update

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue today confirmed to NW Sheffield News Online that they believe yesterday’s Stannington house fire was accidental.

A bungalow fire in which a woman was found dead in Sheffield is believed to have started accidentally, following a fire cause investigation. A 93 year old woman was found dead in the premise on Cliff Road, Stannington, Sheffield, shortly after 1pm on Sunday afternoon (January 24).

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue fire investigation officer Simon Dillon said: “This appears to be a tragic accident. The fire started in the kitchen of the property and appears to have been cooking related. Our thoughts are with the lady’s family, neighbours and carers at what is obviously a very distressing time.”

Subsequent reports confirm that a towel caught fire and fell down the side of the lady’s cooker cooker, where there were plastic bags. Fire investigators believe she was overcome by the fumes given off by the burning plastic.

Firefighters from Rivelin Valley and Central fire stations put out the fire using hose reels and breathing apparatus, having been called to the incident at 12.49pm.


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