Living with trash

Sheffield Homes is currently investigating illegal dumping of household rubbish in Lower Stannington maisonette stairwells by people ignoring built-in waste chutes provided.

About a year ago, one particular resident made complaint to Sheffield Homes (the property’s landlord and agent for freeholder Sheffield City Council) who in turn sent numerous warning letters to tenants and leaseholders living in his block. Despite this, and after apparently fruitless investigations by the authorities, the problem remains.

Trash dumped next to rubbish chute - as pictured on the Living with Trash blog website

The resident set up a blog to highlight the matter easily to Sheffield Homes in pictures and journal format. The site is called “Living with Trash“.

Upon receiving a recent update request regarding progress in their investigation of the case, Sheffield Homes emailed a reply saying “‘other action’ is currently being worked upon and no final decisions have been taken.  I do not expect that we will be able to change things ‘overnight’.  However, we will use the tools at our disposal to continue tackling the issue. I realise this is a bit vague at present but it is work in progress.”

The complainant said that “garbage is abandoned many evenings each week, whether the chutes are blocked or not.” Sheffield Homes is on record conceding that the problem is not an isolated one but is similarly experienced elsewhere around the city.

The resident vowed to keep photographing and blogging incidents in order to keep Sheffield Homes up to speed.

Watch this space for news of any progress.

  • If you are experiencing similar issues and live in a property rented out under tenancy or leasehold from Sheffield Homes, you can start a complaint by calling them on 293 0000 or email at in the first instance.


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