Holocaust Memorial Day book now out

Wednesday 27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day and Hillsborough-based researcher Nicolas Mitchell’s new book about the Dachau Memorial site – where the first Nazi concentration camp opened in Germany – has been published.

Nic told NW Sheffield News Online that ‘Dachau Concentration Camp – A Guide to the Former Concentration Camp and Memorial Site‘ was originally put together as a guide for visitors to the Memorial Site.

He said, “Dachau gets nearly 1 million visitors every year and I worked as an official guide conducting open tours there for about six months during 2008. I wrote this 48-page book in response to questions visitors from around the world always asked.

“It took six months of research and four months to write. The cover photo, taken by Lee Miller, is called ‘Prisoners Sing as they wait for Bread’. I chose that picture because it’s very different from images used time and again to illustrate this subject.

“I was aware of the Memorial Site’s layout because their own academic staff trained me and so it became a big decision just what to leave out.

“I wanted to get key information across, whilst highlighting its architecture and the significance of various memorial features. I also spent much time in Munich State Library as they have a brilliant set-up, including loads of books in English!”

Reaching 50 this year, Nic works as a historical and political researcher, most recently on a project for the Scottish Parliament. He has a BA Hons (1st) from University of Nottingham and a MA from University of Sheffield.

But Nic still on topic and currently developing a larger project relating to the Holocaust in Poland, a country he visited last Christmas for research.

Nic is due to talk at Bradfield Historical Society on the 17th May 2010.

His book costs 5.99 and is available through Amazon and from Minerva-research.co.uk.

Email Nic at nicolasmitchell36@mac.com to find out more.


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