Customised ice cream offer!

Sheffield’s nationally-awarded dairy ice cream Our Cow Molly is now available in whatever flavour punters want.

Simply take favorite sweets, crisps, even alcohol, up to the farm shop (off the B6076 running between Stannington and Bradfield) and they will turn it into customised ice cream flavours in batches of 3 litres or more using cream and milk produced locally on the farm.

Eddie Andrew, a son working what is one of Sheffield’s few remaining family-run farms, told NWS News Blog, “Now we’ve finished supplying major Sheffield’s main theatres’ over their panto seasons, we have a couple of months space during which people can bring their own ingredients to flavour ice cream they can take away.”

Shop opening times are Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 11am to 6pm. Additionally, there are new-born calves, lambs and hens to go and see. “Molly and her friends will be about too when they come in for milking, usually around 4pm,” said Eddie.

Phone 0114 233 2683 for more info or Twitter them at


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