Battening the hatches in recession – suggestions?

We’re in for an economically tough decade right across the UK. Now is therefore a good time to plan how communities might help ourselves as “big government” struggles to deliver solutions.

Sharing and swapping resources locally may provide an answer if money really will be in short supply.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Here are three to start off with:

  • Bartering is back – exchanging goods rather than buying them
  • LETS schemes – “Local Exchange Trading Systems” – provide opportunities to barter labour, skills or resources as a form of payment for services or goods received
  • Setting up a community tool store must surely save money in the long-run

These all require people cooperating and talking with each other. NWSheffield News Blog is keen to support existing or new initiatives designed to enhance community wellbeing by posting and listing requests or opportunities on this site.

Irrespective of one’s views on how and where British taxpayers’ money is being squandered/invested/spent (delete as applicable) by our representatives in Westminster, families and individuals certainly face hard times to come. All major political parties have promised cuts in public spending for after the next general election – that will surely come this May – and there are likely to be tax increases too.

Whether it’s Sheffield Council promising inflation-busting rent increases (Sheffield Star report here) or Bank of England warnings, tough times are arriving at our doors. And we certainly need to pull together if we are to avoid facing destitution individually.

What do you think? Let us know!


One response to “Battening the hatches in recession – suggestions?

  1. Shop local – give your neighbours’ jobs a boost by buying stuff from local shops and businesses. If your car needs mending or you want some vegetables, buy them from local shops where possible so that they dont go bust in the face of competition from the multinational companies. I know lots of people work for the big companies but with the profit increasingly going abroad (see Kraft takeover of Cadbury) then we can at least try to recycle our money.

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