Another internet scam alert

As the global economy continues to struggle, desperate people are going to some pretty dire extremes – particularly with internet scams – to con money out of those of us left with any still.

The example below is one of around eight attempts at deception we have so far received since the festive season and New Year.


Good day to you I got your contact from a Business Directory, and I decided to contact you directly for the sake of business.

My full Name is Mr Riyad FOFANA with my mother SARAH FOFANA we are from SIERRA LEONE, I am 22years old and presently residing in Dakar-Senegal I lost my father couple of years a ago. My father was a busness director of goal export until his death.He was assassinated by the rebels during the political uprising in my Country SIERRA LEONE. Before his death, he made a deposit of $10.5 Million Dollars here in DAKAR SENEGAL

We are searching for a reliable and experience business partner in English or French Conutry because i speake English and French. we have $10.5 MillionS Dollars and I would need your assistance investing it either there or any country of your choice under your guidance.

So I am only soliciting for your assistance to help me and my mother invest this money, If you are interested and willingly to assist us invest this fund, then would you please give to us your contact details, to enable us contact you and discuss on how this transction will be proceed and also to meet you face to face and discuss more in details concerning the investment, I need your full contact, as details/ address, telephone\fax number and your Int’l passport or your ID Card copy together with your banking details where the total fund will be transferred to you for the investment

Thank you once again for your interest and waiting for your reply or

Best Regards,

Mr Riyad Fofana.

There’s a UK government website (here) offering advice on all sorts of internet fraud. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see the above example for what it really is. But it’s good to get clued up, not least in this period of world economic recession when such crime is likely to become more commonplace.


One response to “Another internet scam alert

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