Missing bread campaign in the media

Panic buying and the power of social media is featured in mainstream media thanks to a Penistone-based internet campaign.

Facebook group “Do you know who’s bought 17 loaves of bread in Penistone…the search is on!” now has well over 750 members interested in finding out who bought 17 loaves locally in an apparent panic-buy response to our current severe weather. The photo section is hilarious and comments are well worth a look.

Shelves in corner shops and supermarkets have been devoid of bread several times during this cold snap – and NW Sheffield News Blog admits to having an extra bleached-sliced-white in the freezer right now – to the point they resembled photographs from a bygone Soviet Union.

BBC News on-line carried the original story on 6th January.

A week later, the Sheffield Star newspaper picked up on the story, as did the Yorkshire Post, but, perhaps predictably, each failed on their on-line reports to provide a direct link to the Facebook site concerned. Very poor!!! (Both publications are part of the Johnson Press media group and aggregate a lot of stories between themselves and across other titles in the group.)

Click here to view the Facebook site


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