Help dealing with that old boiler

Is your boiler old and inefficient? Want £400 help with buying a new one that will reduce your fuel bills?

Up to 125,000 households in England with working “G-rated” boilers are now able to claim a voucher entitling them to £400 off the price of a new, modern “A-rated” boiler or a renewable heating system like a biomass boiler or a heat pump. The Department of Energy and Climate Change hopes that this national scheme will help save households money on energy bills, which could be cut by between £200 to £235 a year.

Not sure if your existing model is “G-rated”? An estimated 4.4m homes still have them! Click here to check – or phone 0800 512 012 to find out if you are eligible for help with this and other energy-saving schemes.


One response to “Help dealing with that old boiler

  1. Yeah I heard the same apparently 4.4 million homes have a boiler which is currently working at less than 70% efficiency. If you buy a A grade condensing boiler that can be up to 96% efficient, think of the savings on your heating bills. Also lots of people have applied and apparently The Energy Savings Trust has said they can’t keep up with demand

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