Winter transport chaos

Bus services are cancelled and around 60 schools have closed across South Yorkshire after heavy snowfall.

According to First South Yorkshire today, a large number of buses are stuck in snow and drivers have been finding journeys hard in “deteriorating road conditions”. As a result, services in Sheffield and Barnsley have stopped.

Stagecoach bus services across much of the county are also suspended and Sheffield Supertram is suffering a disrupted service.

Roads in the area are badly affected due to an accident near Stocksbridge and as a result of wider gritting issues.

The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for heavy snowfall and icy roads across Yorkshire. (N.B. The Met Office has proven to be spectacularly inaccurate with its daily weather forecasting, and its five-day effort changes unrecognisably every day … So best to look out of the window and listen to local radio traffic and travel reports …)

A number of shops and post offices are also closed today due to staff not being able to get in to work. Sheffield Crown Court trials are also cancelled.

Braving the snow on foot this morning!


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