WARNING! Visa phishing scam!

Several media reports have appeared over the festive season about online scams where criminals try to get security and account details from debit or credit card holders from unsuspecting account holders

Tonight, I received such an email. Purporting to come from Visa, it was very cleverly put together.

But closer examination confirmed it is a scam designed to get card details so that money can be siphoned from accounts or cards used to buy goods illegally.

This is what the email looks like:

opening screen upon opening email

And this next screenshot shows the questions they are asking:

Very personal questions!

Note that NO bank or creditor should ever ask for security details – e.g., passwords or mother’s maiden name – ever, unless you contacted them first.

I emailed Sheffield Trading Standards at trading.standards@sheffield.gov.uk to tell them so that they could both investigate and advertise this attempted fraud.

North West Sheffield News Blog readers may also be interested in reading this Sheffield Mercury article about ID theft ..


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