Free home insulation

Loft and cavity wall insulation is now available to those of us living in our own homes or in privately-rented accommodation.

Sheffield City Council says:

To be eligible for the free loft and cavity wall insulation in the first phase of installation, you need to be a private home owner or live in private rented accommodation in Walkley, Manor Castle, Arbourthorne or Hillsborough areas of Sheffield.  Alternatively, you need to be aged 70 or over, or claiming a qualifying benefit.

Hillsborough Ward Residents
If you live in Hillsborough Ward, (which includes Owlerton and Wadsley) one of our promotions team will be contacting you soon. Look out for our postcard and leaflet, like the ones below, coming through your door letting you know when we’ll be in your neighbourhood.

Everyone who is a home owner or private tenant in the ward we are currently working in, regardless of age, income or size of property will be visited. If you live in Hillsborough, our Energy Advisors will be knocking on your door offering free loft and cavity wall insulation, providing the property is suitable.  We’ll leave a card if you’re not in, and a number to call if you’d like to make an appointment for one of our Energy Advisors to come out and visit you at a more convenient time.

Walkley Ward Residents

If you live in Walkley ward, you should have already had a visit or a letter from one of our Energy Advisors.  Even though our Energy Advisors have moved out of the area, it’s not too late to take advantage of our free insulation scheme.   If you haven’t yet signed up for the scheme, or would like an appointment for us to come out and visit you, please contact us.

North West Sheffield News Blog is keen to hear about residents’ experiences of this scheme, so please get in touch if you have either applied successfully, applied and been refused, or have had work completed …


8 responses to “Free home insulation

  1. Hi, as an officer working on Sheffield City Council’s Free Insulation scheme, I’m sorry that you weren’t satisfied with the standard of the work you received from our contractor. We take concerns like yours seriously so I’d encourage you to call us on 0800 915 9096 so we can send someone round to look at your loft. I’m glad your home is feeling warmer though.

    To clarify, our scheme only works with one contractor, eaga Insulation. The link above gives general information about reputable companies, especially if you don’t qualify for our scheme at the moment and want to go ahead and pay for insulation. If another company knocks on your door and claims to be working with us, this is not the case and they will charge you.

  2. Maybe a good idea to follow up the electrical safety concerns, perhaps with a query or complaint to Sheffield Council?

  3. It was just a bit of a rush job, the insulation was plonked down all over the loft without taking due care. I was later told by a builder friend that they shouldn’t have put the insulation on top of the electrical cables in the loft.

  4. We had ours done by EAGA and they didn’t do a great job to be honest, but didn’t cause much mess. I’ve definitely noticed the difference this winter.

    • Hi Martin! In what way didn’t EAGA do a good job? Were they overly messy, take too long … ?

      But it’s great that you’re noticing the difference though – especially right now!

  5. It was a council woman asking if we were interested.

    My concerns are based on four or five contractors who have worked at my house in the past.

  6. They have been round my house in S6, I don’t believe that the standard of workmanship will be up to much. I think they will do it as quickly as possible, cause a load of mess and leave. So I’m going to do it myself.

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